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Teething is a tough time for everyone involved. It is a tough time for your baby and it is certainly no picnic for you! Although you may feel frustrated, our dentist, Dr. Jason Gladson , can help you find some solutions. If you need answers for your baby’s teething problems in Nashville, Illinois, call Dental Center of Nashville at 618-327-4422 to plan your visit.

Your child is both with all 20 of their primary teeth, also known as baby teeth. These teeth will come in until your child reaches the age of two or three. Then, they will start to lose these teeth as their permanent teeth come in, which usually starts around the ages of 6 or 7.

When your child starts teething, you may notice that they become fussy and irritable. They may begin to drool, refuse to eat and start chewing on their fingers or other objects. You should clean your child’s gums with a towel or piece of gauze after each feeding. Allowing your child to chew on a cold washcloth or teething ring may help reduce the pain. Remember, your child’s first dental appointment should be within six months of their first tooth and before their first birthday!