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Of course, we have all heard that sugary treats are bad for our children’s teeth. What your child eats, from meals and snacks to drinks, can have a positive or negative impact on their oral health. Your child’s smile is your responsibility. Teeth accumulate plaque and tartar. Those substances contain bacteria, which interact with the sugar in your child’s food and drinks to create acid, which attacks the enamel in their teeth. Starchy foods contain carbohydrates that can be converted into sugar, and popular energy and sports drinks are not healthy for your child or their teeth. Brushing and flossing form the basis of a healthy smile, but diet also plays an important part. Not only should you limit your child’s intake of sugary and acidic food, but you should also make sure that they eat plenty of healthy foods to make their smiles strong. A balanced diet is key to promoting good oral health, and drinking plenty of water is always a good idea.

If you have questions about your child’s teeth and their diet in Nashville, Illinois, our dentist, Dr. Jason Gladson , will be happy to talk with you! Contact Dental Center of Nashville at 618-327-4422 today to schedule your child’s visit and consultation.